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Why was Project "Ife" important?

Ife means love in Yoruba

According to Child-Sponsorship, Nigeria is home to 75 million children under the age of 18 with 41 million children living in poverty. A UNICEF study stated that over 800,000 children became newly orphaned in 2003. Further on, the 2008 Situation Analysis report  documented 17.5 million orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC), including 7.3 million orphans (non-vulnerable).

Orphans in Nigeria are in need of proper shelter, health, nutrition, education, and basic life necessities such as clothing. Over 220 LBS of clothing and shoes were collected and donated to the children of Olive Blooms Orphanage and Lions Village Motherless Babies Home.

Project "Ife" was important because it represented one our values which is to support the livelihood of children through orphan care. We truly appreciate everyone who directly and indirectly supported Project "Ife".

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Our projects are designed to support impoverished children who are faced with adversities impacting their care and development.  


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